Stone Band (Most primitive) Loose pile of stones, not quite built into a wall. With the round stones found on the Cape, these are sometimes called "cannonball walls". 
If your property has these, they make excellent raw material for Legendary Masonry to work our magic. 
Freestanding Walls Single Freestanding Wall:
A simple row of stones laid out and piled to the desired height. If you have an old freestanding wall, Legendary Masonry can repair and improve its stability. 
Double Freestanding Wall:
Two lines of piled stones provide more structure and sturdiness. Legendary Masonry can add this stability to an existing wall to make it strnger and more attractive.
Freestanding Walls are also called stone “fences” when the ground on both sides is about the same level. Farmers built these from stones cleared from fields to contain livestock and define boundaries. 
Laid Walls Stones are selected or shaped to fit more tighly together without mortar than freestanding walls. Legendary Masonry can create a laid walls from new or existing stone to add structure and attractiveness.  
Mosaic Walls Arranged in decorative designs held together with mortar. Legendary Masonry excels at both design and sturdiness for all landscapes and purposes.
Veneer Walls A veneer of flat stones is applied or adhered to outside faces to create the appearance of a laid or mosaic wall. The inner structural wall is often concrete or block.

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